juli 2011

210!!!! :3

yes :3 now i haw 210 whatses on my videos on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/FireDeitySpawn?feature=mhum) If you like games like:minecraft, terraria og Team fortres 2 then you shud haw a look...

A Burning Heart 1.

1. As I go to sleep, I think of you and only you. Your sweets lips, your tender skin and sparkling hope that sadly fades away with each passing day. I cannot stop thinking about the flaming passi...

Informal English and Formal English.

FireDeity: Sorry, butI can't record any thing now at the LAN, my friends are singing Singstar.... and that is somthing you dont want to hear xD But after some sleepI will record somthing to you S...


Hi spawnlings :3 (readers) sorry but I haw not recorded anny thing on a few days xD but later to day i will record a lott of stuff that I hope you will like : D and if I get 100 wathers total on...


18, Sandefjord

I am a Ginger make stuff to Youtube (FireDeitySpawn) talks aboute School, Games and art that I and my friends make~