My day at school

so today the adviser was talkin to your class aboute the ways we can take after this school year, and I realy want to studdy religen, history and stuff like that, I just have to chose a place xD hehe.


And yes! this is my and my friends lokker: you can see that it is deviden in male and femail xD (fail becas we just place it in bundals there we feel like), then we have my Youtube Logo (FireDeitySpawn) made by Rin and she made that girl Pyro to me to x3 ~love it~


But after school she told me that I cud sit on down to the Buss stop... but she had to remove frost fomre the INSIDE of the car xD and all the othere cars did not have this problem xD. THX anyway  J

But now I want to play Minecraft and I think I will make the vide IF my mic is working xD

May the Fire Burn forever in your hearts!


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