Rin has done it agein!

... duno what to say...


There is only one word that can deskribe this.. and that is: OMFGTIEPICNES!!!!!!

translate: O my FIRE God This Is EPICNES!!!!!

hehe did you see what I did there ?


but Rin is done withe the colors on my new Epic carakter :3~ 

This is soooo me :3 This is ~FireDeitySpawn~ 

but here is a link to Rins Blogg and dont forget to write to here :D if you have minecraft ask here to drave your carakter, (send here a pict or username so she can find it on http://www.minershoes.com/)


RIN: http://nirvanaoftime.blogg.no/1328554623_tegning_til_roy_og_1_.html?c=1328555239262


and ye Dont forget that friends is the best gift that you can have, so dont forget to feed them :D!



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06.feb.2012 kl.20:25

glad u liked it :3


06.feb.2012 kl.22:16

Blei jo Genialt kult jo :D

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