THX Rin :3

well my best friend Rin is a artist.

she draws cool stuff and she have made this 4 me :3

Yes this is a bitt messy becas my printer was a duzh at the moment.



but after some work thx to Rin and Kristian it looks Good~ (my blogg have a updatet one of this)


But Rin made this one and she is ading colors at this moment xD and it is my Minecraft carakter :D! 

~~Love it~~


But ye I will work on somthing to youtube now :3 it will uppload it tomorow :D!


Fire Burns 4 eva people


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Rin 凸'へ'凸

05.feb.2012 kl.18:56

haha np my friend.

Deadsushi ~ Isah

05.feb.2012 kl.19:00


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