210!!!! :3

yes :3 now i haw 210 whatses on my videos on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/FireDeitySpawn?feature=mhum)

If you like games like: minecraft, terraria og Team fortres 2 then you shud haw a look and suport me and groupe EDGE that is the big killers on TF2 xD

I will start with a new series along with a friend of mine. If you don't go all LOL! or WTF?! then something is seriosly wrong with you. I think I will give it a name such as "Noob Tips" just because he is doing it all, even after countless of hours spent in front of a screen; gamer for years; still he is just a real noob and all of [EDGE] couldn't be happier to have him with us, if only for theLOLs.


Fire Deity~~the flame is your friend if you respekt it and controls it :3


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18, Sandefjord

I am a Ginger make stuff to Youtube (FireDeitySpawn) talks aboute School, Games and art that I and my friends make~