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Sorry, but I can't record any thing now at the LAN, my friends are singing Singstar.... and that is somthing you dont want to hear xD

But after some sleep I will record somthing to you Spawnlings

Have a god nigth and lett the Fire Burn Proudly.

Sigmar32 and Nerocyne:

My most sincere and humble apologies, but I have not had the abillity to publish any motion pictures at the moment being. This, being a completely temporarily state, I am at a socalled Local Area Networking party with socalled friends. The location is not the most fancy. We are currently situated in a garage. A small faction within the people attendig this social gathering is filling their time with singing. No, they are not singing of free will, but rather due to the game; "Singstar" forcing their minds to sing these wretched, former popular music songs. Maria Mena and low-quality techno are amongst the songs that are played at the moment.

It is my intention to record a piece of motion picture for you, my loyal and trustworthy followers, after I have endured a temporary state of REM-sleep.

It is my wish that all of you shall have a night of excellent sleep and I hope that you will all allow the fire in your souls to burn freely and proudly in the darkness of the night. Farewell.

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